Enrolments for 2020 Course Now Open

Enrolments for 2020 Course Now Open

March – Special Educational Night

Aberfeldie Baptist Church, 3-5 Price Street, Essendon

The Committee of the Essendon Camera Club has organised a Special Education Night about post-production techniques and how to bring the life and emotion out of your hard earned capture. To be held as an additional night on Monday 30th March, this evening will be an introduction and overview of a future full course that we hope to run from June this year. There will be training, techniques and processes presented on the night that should immediately improve your skills, but the full course later will delve into the detail of each topic.

This is a fully sponsored event with all costs carried by the Essendon camera Club and is presented by Peter Ryan, a professional photographer and trainer based in Kyneton. Peter has been running this training for many years and is extremely good at explaining the WHY, not just the how. It is one thing to know where to adjust the sharpen slider, it is a totally different thing to know WHY and HOW MUCH to adjust it. Peter is extremely good at explaining the basic concepts and adjustments and although the course is based on Photoshop, the knowledge and techniques are relevant and important to virtually ALL image processing programs.

On this evening, you are very welcome to take notes, ask questions and discuss topics, but DO NOT bring a laptop. It is designed as an introduction and general education night, not a full course in one night.

If enough interest is generated from this evening, then the Committee would like to implement the full course which is designed to teach you the fundamentals of what photographers need to know – not fancy tricks and is targeted at beginners to those with intermediate knowledge. This workshop uses Photoshop software but the principles and adjustments are common to virtually all image processing programs. During the full course, you will need a laptop with Photoshop installed. A trial version of Photoshop is available from Adobe on a 7 day trial or you can take a one month subscription for $14.29.

On the full course you will learn: –
• Many ways to adjust the exposure of your image
• Learn where the tones actually fall in the image and how to move them for better tonal balance.
• Add contrast and sharpen an image (essential for all digital capture no matter how expensive your camera is)
• Learn to work with Layers
• Learn to select subjects, copy and paste, replace skies
• Learn to straighten horizons and leaning buildings
• Convert to B&W
• Resize for web applications; and more

For now though, we invite and encourage you to join us on Monday 30th March for this educational evening that should improve your post productions skills and understanding.

Please note, as advised on the syllabus for 2020, dates were correct at time of publication, but through speaker availability, a date change was necessary from the original 16th March 2020 to Monday 30th March 2020.


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