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Enrolments for our ECC Photography Course 2024 are Now Open ->

Enrolments for ECC Photography Course 2024 is Now Open

Equipment Lending Library

The ECC COM have in place a Equipment Lending Library Policy to ensure fair and equitable access to these items.

To access these items, make inquiries with the ECC Quartermaster at a Monthly Meeting or send an email to:

Cactus Trigger

Cactus Trigger kit…

2x Receivers

1x Trigger

1x Sync cable

1x User manual

*No batteries included


FlashPro D400 Studio Kit

FlashPro D400 Studo lighting kit…

3x Flash Pro D 400 Strobes. Manually test =OK

1 model light missing.

4x Snoots.

4x Coloured diffusers including 1 adaptor.

3x Umbrella stands.

2x Light pro umbrella/soft boxes.

1x Black/white umbrella reflector.

2x Power cords.3x Sink cables.

2x Instruction manuals.

*Manually test = OK.

*One of the guns is missing modelling light.


Godox TT600

Godox TT600 portable strobe kit…

2x Godox X1T-c (Canon mount) trigger/receiver.

2x Godox TT 600 Flash guns with cases and mini stands.

2x Godox PB 960 Battery packs including shoulder straps.

2x D/C Power adaptor cords from battery pack to flash guns.

2x A/C Charges for power packs.

No Batteries included.


Multi Blitz Mini Studio

Multi Blitz Mini Studio Kit…

3x Strobe guns.

6x Snoots (light modifiers).

2x Sink cables.

3x Power leads.

1x Black/white umbrella/reflector.

1x Black/white umbrella.

2x White umbrella/diffuser.

3x Umbrella stands.

6x Spare globes and fuses.

1x Operating manual booklet.

3x Strobes tested and working (Manually)


Spyder X Pro Colour Calibration

Spyder x Pro Colour Screen Calibration kit…