Being a member of the Essendon Camera Club (ECC) is an exciting experience. As a member, you will be able to participate in our monthly competitions and attend activity nights where we arrange for outside presenters to come along to help build our knowledge on many, varied topics.

Master Classes (run in February, March, July, and August), are another great way to learn from the shared experience of your fellow club members.

You can also join us on the various club outings to different and interesting places to photograph.

But, most of all, you can be with people who share the same passion as you, and enjoy an environment where increasing our photography skills and experience is the aim of every meeting.

If you are thinking of becoming a member, you are welcome to attend one of our regular meetings throughout the year as a guest and speak to someone directly.
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How to become a member

Become a member by filling out the membership application form

Become a member by enrolling in the ECC Photography Course

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