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Enrolments for our ECC Photography Course 2024 are Now Open ->

Enrolments for ECC Photography Course 2024 is Now Open

Redwood Forest Base


Monica Bonnici
Essendon Camera Club

The Redwood Forest at Warburton has hundreds of Californian Redwood Sequoia Trees that are more than 90 years old. The base has no underlying vegetation or plants allowing the bases of the trees to be easily seen in multiple patterns across the forest grounds. The Yarra River runs towards the back of the forest lined with beautiful tree ferns.

We will also visit the Warburton Rainforest Gallery in Donna Buang not far from Warburton.
There is a Free Tree Top elevated platform walk which lets you view the tree tops and the forest below.
The platform is accessible from the carpark. The forest below is 100 steps down if you wish to walk through it.

Warburton Tree Top Platform

We go back to the Yarra River Walking Trail in the town of Warbuton.
This area is behind the shops on Warburton Highway of the Warbuton village. The banks of the river are lined with large trees. There are some river rocks in the centre of the river with the water rushing over them forming interesting patterns.

Alpine Hotel is along the river walk and we will pop into her for a refreshing drink, coffee and light lunch.


MEETING TIME : 10.30am (we can only wait 15 mins for late comers)

MEETING PLACE : On Cement Creek Road, Redwood Forest, Warburton. This is a dirt road and you will come to the forest on your right hand side and just park on the road there somewhere .

WARBURTON RAINFOREST GALLERY – 11.30 approx – meet at the carpark on Cement Creek Road to drive towards Donna Buang . Drive on Donna Buang Road along the way to Mount Donna Buang Summit. You will see signs on your right for the Tree top platform. This will take approx, 20 mins.

1pm – Meet at the Platform car park – make your way back to the Village of Warburton on Warburton Highway to the area of the Brisbane Bridge there.

YARRA RIVER WALKING TRAIL – approx 1.20pm we will arrive here to start our walk starting from The Brisbane Bridge making our way towards the left side of this bridge .

Passing the Swing Bridge – comes eventually to the Alpine Hotel which is back on the Warburton Highway.

ALPINE HOTEL – we can spend some time here for lunch, drinks coffees and chats

MAYER BRIDGE – cross over to the other side of the Yarra River from this bridge – walk back towards Brisbane Bridge – coming back over the Swing Bridge and back to Brisbane Bridge.