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Enrolments for our ECC Photography Course 2024 are Now Open ->

Enrolments for ECC Photography Course 2024 is Now Open

ECC Course Testimonials

“The course at ECC surpassed my expectations. Considering the wealth of knowledge & experience by the educators, the hands on practical experience & the dedicated support provided by the members, it is excellent value for money.”

“Just finished the course, learned so much and the club were so generous with the knowledge. Well worth the time spent doing the course.”

“What a great learning experience! I had always considered myself an amateur photographer but really I was a just person with a camera in my hands. Now, I think I am on the way to being able to call myself an amateur photographer. For me, it’s been a time of personal growth and looking at the pictures I have taken over the past 10 weeks, I can see that my perspective has changed…what I see in the lens of the camera and how I want it to look when I click that button, understanding the mechanics of my camera and how to make the camera work to create the composition I want to achieve. Thank-you to the team at Essendon Camera Club.”

Coode Island

“The course was one of the most interesting and engaging courses I have been involved with. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys photography and the support of some great people who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experience .”

“The course was the best value for money i have done.
I have and will continue to recommend it to everybody who is interested in photography”

“This course really helped me to understand the inner workings of my camera and how to get the best shot in different situations”

“I found this course to be very informative. The instructors / mentors seemed very happy to share their experience and knowledge, with the information delivered in an informal but concise manner creating an enjoyable, no pressure learning environment”

“Sensational course – so much passion shared by presenters and mentors which inspired the entire group. Enthusiasts of a levels will”

“I can highly recommend the ECC Beginners Course to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their photos. The Course covered many useful aspects of photography by combining theory with supported practical sessions. The Leaders and helpers were enthusiastic to impart their knowledge and improve the skill level of each participant. All ECC Members who contributed to the Course were Volunteers who generously gave their time and energy in a friendly and caring way. I was quickly confident to move from Auto to manual settings, knowing I could ask for help at any time during the Course. I will always be grateful to these wonderful people whose efforts have helped me to take better photos and enjoy the fun of photography all the more.”

“ECC course provided the opportunity to learn from experienced photographers, practising technical skills in the field”

“For anyone who only uses auto to shoot their photos, this is the course for you. The information that I learnt throughout the course was invaluable. Added to that was the fantastic mentors and club members that were more than happy to assist and pass on their wealth of knowledge. My wife says Thank you!!”

“Had a ball on this beginners course, was exposed to lots of valuable information & possibilities with photography, discovered loads about my camera, its buttons & functions, was blown away by the generosity of time & knowledge of the volunteers & in the end got so much more from this course than just a great basis for my photography practice, my creativity was sparked & realised how motivating & enjoyable it is to be in the company of people who are so generous & passionate about their hobby. Thanks ECC!”

“The ECC course provided me with great base to learn and then build on my photography skills in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned every week and having a mentor meant that there was guidance every step of the way. Having the opportunity to practice on each of the excursions was also very beneficial and it was great to see what you had learnt be put into practice. Fantastic course!”