13th Nov 2023 | 7:30pm | Member Donated Awards Night

Member Donated Awards Night is Monday 13th November.  Submission deadline via Photo Contest Pro is 12th November

Member Donated Awards – Judged internally on the night

Members may submit up to four (4) entries in each award which may be a new entry or previously submitted entry. These competitions are judged on the first club night in November, by the nominated members donating the awards. 

Winners will be awarded on the night by each member judging with a donated award. After the competitions are judged, a member may collect and submit their PRINT’s or DPI’s in the appropriate End of Year Competitions listed below for external judging.

Member Donated Awards

DPI: Kevin Phelan – Landscape
Allen Hilton — Dog

PRINT: Ian Cust Memorial — Seascape
Margaret Greenwood — Portrait of Person(s)
Tom Kress — Thoroughfare.